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Stewardship is central to the vitality of Sacred Heart Parish. The faithful and wise steward who is praised by Jesus in the Gospels (Matt. 25:14-30) serves as a model for the kind of commitment and involvement which we seek from parish members. Each of us has been entrusted with gifts from the Lord, not to be hoarded selfishly, but to be used wisely and generously in the service of His Kingdom. Each person is asked to reflect upon his or her gifts and blessings and then to return a portion of those gifts as a sacrificial offering to the Lord. Among our many blessings we recognize especially that we are stewards of the gifts of time, talent and treasure.


Talents are the special gifts that are uniquely ours. We hold the conviction that each and every member of our parish has been given gifts from God for the enrichment of our community. Here all persons are valued for who they are. Diversity enriches rather than divides us. We welcome initiatives and encourage parishioners to step forward with their special skills.

We strive to help one another in the discernment of talents, which too often go unrecognized in the world around us. Sometimes it is our very neediness that calls us forth to risk and grow. Often those who carry the cross — the sick, those in crisis, fringe members of society, enrich our community as much as members whose circumstances permit a more active involvement. We look to every parishioner to make a sacrificial offering to the Lord from whatever talents have been entrusted to him or her for the betterment of the community.


Time is often our most valuable commodity. The church traditionally has asked for an hour of our time each week in worshiping God at Sunday Mass. Today, we seek a full and active participation at worship which often involves personal preparation time as well as help with the ministries essential to our rich liturgical life.

At Sacred Heart, we seek more than this bare minimum gift of an hour for the Lord on Sunday. We realize that every worthy activity in the sight of Almighty God has its origin in a healthy and active spiritual life.  This is our first priority.  A truly sacrificial offering of time will also mean some further involvement in the life of the community. The needs here are manifold, and so are the opportunities for volunteer service. In deciding “what return shall I make to the Lord for all his goodness to me” (Ps. 116.12), parish members are urged to make a regular commitment of time by participating in some activity or service sponsored by the parish. Stewardship in this parish community is a broad notion indicative of a whole way of life. We believe that, when embraced fully and joyfully, it will help us to be more like the Lord “who did not cling to his equality with God but emptied himself to become a servant” (Philippians 2:6-7).


A Way of Life
The acceptance of responsible stewardship as a way of life is more than a practical issue of survival for the many activities of our parish. It is also an issue of spiritual growth for those who recognize God’s gifts in their lives and who seek to express their gratitude in action. At Sacred Heart we attempt to provide structures for all of our members to make a response to the Lord by sharing generously their gifts of time, talent, and treasure. In this handbook there are descriptions of some of the many stewardship opportunities offered here for those who seek to live in the spirit of Jesus ‘who came not to be served but to serve’ (Mark 10:45). Inside you will find:

• a comprehensive listing of ministry opportunities
• organized by areas of parish life
• with descriptions of duties
• time requirements
• special skills or training if needed
• contact persons and phone numbers

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How will I be able to decide what to sign up for?
These pages contain a description of most of the service opportunities at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  If you read the descriptions of those opportunities that interest you, you will gain an understanding of what the position would entail and how much time you might expect to devote to the activity.

Is everything at Sacred Heart a ministry?
We consider all activities at Sacred Heart to be vital works of service for the good of the community.  While some roles, such as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist or Lector, are traditional ministries, participating in such activities as maintaining the Parish web page or working at the Parish Picnic are also important forms of service.

Can I sign up for more than one ministry?
Be a good steward of your time.  Many parishioners are already involved in more than one activity.  For example, someone could be a Lector, a member of the Ladies’ Sodality, and a volunteer worker at the annual Parish Picnic.  The only limitations are your time, openings in the various ministries and the need to place as many parishioners as possible in areas in which they express an interest.

How will I know that my offer to become involved has been reviewed by someone?
You should receive an acknowledgement by mail and a phone call from a ministry coordinator concerning the ministries you list.

What if I don’t hear from anyone concerning commitments I make?
The coordinators will make a concerted effort to reach you by phone regarding your interests.  If there is no answer, they will leave a message on your answering machine, requesting you to return their call.  If they don’t hear from you after leaving two messages, they will assume that you have changed your mind and will not make further attempts.  If you are still interested in being placed in a ministry and you have not received a phone call, please contact the Parish office at  (301) 262-0704.

Is this the only time I will be able to sign up for something?
No, throughout the year there are always opportunities for parishioners to become involved in various activities.

My schedule does not permit me to attend many meetings. Is there something I could do at home?
There are a number of activities that could be done in your home, such as making phone calls, desktop publishing,
editing, etc.

What if I am not sure about what I might want to become involved in and just need some more information?
This booklet indicates the name of the coordinator for each ministry and that person’s phone number.  If you give that person a call, you will be able to obtain the information you need.

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Recognizing the diversity that enriches us and the unity we share at our Sunday Eucharist, we will gather for worship in a variety of contexts and will support the unique character of each parishioner’s personal faith journey.

ALTAR SERVERS    (boys grade 4 and up)
Duties:  Assist the priest during Mass
Time:  One Mass every 3 weeks; training provided during the weeks of Lent
Special Skills:  Dependable
Coordinator: Father Potts (301) 262-0704, email:

ALTAR SOCIETY (women 18 years of age and older)
Duties:  Dusting, cleaning, decorating, and changing altar linens in the church and chapel; Washing and ironing altar linens (done individually at home)
Time:  As scheduled; teams of three to five in church/chapel
       - 2 hours per week; laundering/ironing at-home services
       - 4 hours per week
Special Skills:  Reliable and dedicated
Coordinators:  Mary Funk (301) 805-1825

BABYSITTING (youth and adults)
Duties:  Care for infants and young children during 10 a.m. Sunday Mass
Time:  As scheduled, about once a month
Special Skills:  Responsible, dependable, love of children
Coordinator: Megan Garcia at (301) 518-5528 or

CANTORS (adults)
Duties:  Lead the assembly in prayerful song with an accompanist
Time:  As scheduled
Special Skills:  Good singing voice
Coordinator:  Joseph Bottner  (301) 262-8133

YOUTH CHOIR (girls and boys grades 1 - 12)
Duties:  Sing at Sunday Mass
Time: As scheduled at Masses (about once a month), evening rehearsals
Special Skills:  Love of music
Coordinator:  Betsy April (301) 464-8196

Duties:  Sing at Sunday 10 a.m. Mass and special occasions
Time: A s scheduled at Mass (every other week); evening rehearsal
Special Skills:  Love of music
Coordinator:  Joseph Bottner  (301) 262-8133

CONTEMPORARY CHOIR (youth and adults)
Duties: 1) Contemporary Choir  Sing at Saturday Evening Mass   (every other week)
2) Contemporary Choir  Sing at 10 a.m. Sunday Mass  (every other week)
Time:  As scheduled at Masses; evening rehearsals
Special Skills:  Love of music
  Frank Figlozzi (301)464-0082 & Betsy April (301)464-8196
  Basil Parlett (410)721-1909

(Appointed by the Pastor)

(Appointed by the Pastor)

INSTRUMENTALISTS (youth and adults)
Duties:  Play musical instrument at Mass
Time:  As scheduled
Special Skills:  Dependable, talented
Coordinator:  Refer to directors of various choirs listed in previous music ministries

LECTORS (must be confirmed)
Duties:  Proclaim the Scripture readings at Mass
Time:  As scheduled
Special Skills:  Clear speaking voice.
  Steve Bast (Sunday Mass) - (301) 464-8782

ROSARY PRAYER GROUP    (youth and adults)
Duties:  Pray the Rosary for world-wide conversion to the will of God and the intentions of the Blessed Mother
Time:  Every Tuesday at 7 p.m.
Special Skills:  Desire to partner with others in prayer to the Blessed Mother
Coordinator:  Joni Seith (240) 416-6628
Location:  3300 May Place, Bowie, MD 20715

SACRISTANS (boys high school age and up)
(Appointed by the Pastor)

USHERS (men 18 years of age and older)
Duties:  Welcome parishioners before Mass; assist in collection at Mass; ensure orderly flow at Communion time
Time:  As scheduled each week for designated Mass
Special Skills:  Dependable, friendly disposition, quiet respect
Coordinator:  See head usher at mass or call the rectory.

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Recognizing that all parishioners are responsible for the spirit and well being of our community life, we will celebrate together in good times, support one another in times of crisis and need, and strive to make every parishioner a partner in our network of pastoral care.

Duties:  Organize Sacred Heart archives
Time:  Varies
Special Skills:  Appreciation for preserving parish historical documents, photographs, and artifacts; good organizational skills
  Mary McDonough (301) 262-2199
  Charlie Petruzzo (301) 262-2945

LABOR DAY FESTIVAL (youth and adults)
Duties:  Plan, coordinate, and assist with annual Labor Day  activities – watch parish bulletin for details
Time:  Festival held on Labor Day; Volunteer time required varies based on activity
Special Skills:  Dependable and enthusiastic
  Mark Palumbo (410) 798-5235
  Tony Stone (301) 464-0696

Duties:  Support parish functions through prayer and service
Time:  First Monday of the month in October thru May; Rosary begins at 7:10 p.m. and Mass at 7:30 p.m. in the chapel followed by meeting, lecture, or social
Special Skills:  Desire to serve the parish with other Catholic women
Coordinators:  Rosemary Morson  (410) 721-5756
                       Pat Campbell  (410) 721-6646

Duties:  Plan, coordinate, and assist with golf tournament
Time:  Once a year usually September
Special Skills:  Dependable and enthusiastic
Coordinator:  Bill Mecca (301) 262-0704

MOTHERS’ GROUP (mothers and preschoolers)
Duties:  Gather with Catholic mothers and their preschool-age children for fellowship, playtime, and spiritual support
Time:  One morning a week in Carroll Hall, 1½  hours
Special Skills:  Desire for social and spiritual support in your vocation as a Catholic mother
Coordinators:  Lisa Yousif (240) 529-7453

PARISH PICNIC (youth and adults)
Duties:  Plan, coordinate, and assist with annual Parish Picnic activities – watch parish bulletin for details
Time:  Picnic held the Sunday afternoon closest to the Feast of the Sacred Heart (June); Volunteer time required varies based on activity
Special Skills:  Dependable and enthusiastic
Coordinator:  DuFour Woolfley, Jr.  (301) 262-8676 email:

Duties:  Maintain and further develop Parish web page
Time:  Variable
Special Skills:  Computer skills/professional capacity helpful
  John McGinnis, Jr. (301) 262-1353

SENIORS GROUP (55 and older)
Duties:  Come together for socialization
Time:  One Wednesday a month; noon (during winter months)
Coordinator:  Mary Hager (301) 262-1221

Duties:  Come together to make shawls for the sick, elderly, housebound and socialize with fellow parishioners.
Special Skills: All types of scarves are made
Time:  First Wednesday of the month, 10-12noon
Coordinator:  Pat Steelman (410) 721-0109

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Recognizing our own need for on-going conversion, each individual and the parish community will call others – by personal witness and by various direct means – to an intentional faith, a life of committed discipleship. We will call one another to conversion, reach out to inactive Catholics and to people with no current church affiliation, as well as promote Gospel values for the transformation of society.

BOOK CLUB (adults)
Duties:  Read and discuss books with a Christian world view.
Time:  2nd Monday every month at 7 p.m.
Special Skills:   Desire to  partner with others discussing Christian books.
Coordinator:  Gael Swick (301)464-8569  email:

Duties:  Instructing young children in their Catholic faith
Time:  Kindergarten through fourth grade – Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.; Fifth through eighth grade – Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.
Special Skills:  Dependable, teaching skills helpful
Coordinator:  Mary Hager (301) 262-1221

Duties:  Sponsor couples meet with engaged couples to help them prepare for Catholic marriage
Time:  Preparation of one or two engaged couples per year, which includes three meetings in  sponsor couple’s home
Special Skills:  Ability to share experiences and Catholic faith as a married couple; training provided
Coordinator:  Father Potts (301) 262-0704  email:

Duties:  Contact person for Sacred Heart home school families regarding religious curriculum and related activities.
Time:  To be determined
Special Skills:  Organized, creative, able to work with a wide age range of children
Contact:  Sam Fatzinger (301) 832-2216

Duties:  Prayerful reading of the text, with related Scripture and prayers. Discussion related to the material.-materials included
Time:  Every Tuesday following 8 a.m. mass; with material repeated on Thursday evenings at 7 p.m.
Special Skills: Desire to gain an increased understanding, appreciation and love for the Church and Her authoritative teaching.
Coordinator:  Margaret Grybauskas (301)390-6560

RCIA TEAM (adults)
Duties:  Assist the coordinators of the Catechumenate in the formation of those interested in becoming Catholic
Time:  Varies
Special Skills:  Desire to support others in their journey into the Catholic Church
  Mary Walsh Coe (301) 805-2985
  Sam Steelman (301) 858-1861

YOUTH MINISTRY (adults, high school students)
Duties:  Faith and personal development of young people through discussion, prayer, and social activities
Time:  Sunday evenings throughout the year for High School teens - As announced in the bulletin
          Tuesday evenings - 7:30 - 8:45 pm - Summit Bible Study
           Friday evenings throughout the year for 7th/8th teens - As announced in the bulletin
Special Skills:  Interest in strong faith development and social activities with and for youth
Coordinator: Danny & Kari Flynn  email:

Duties: Weekly reflection that aims to bring women to a deeper personal relationship with Christ through personal study and small group discussions with other women.
Time: Tuesday evenings, 7-8:45 p.m.
Coordinators: Jessica Ptomey (443) 813-6089  email:

Duties:  Men gather for prayer, discussion and fellowship.
Time:  Second Saturday of the month, 7-8:30 a.m.
Special Skills:  Desire to grow in the faith through fellowship and sharing with men.
Coordinator:  Geary Deptula  (410) 721-2305  email:

Duties:  Develop means of spreading the Catholic faith in the
local community
Time:  Meetings as necessary
Special Skills:  Interest in reaching out to others with the Catholic faith
Coordinator: vacant

Duties:  Aids new parishioners in becoming acclimated to the parish and what the parish has to offer, sees to it that  their needs are being met in an effort to help them become involved in the parish.
Time:  Varies
Special Skills:  Dependable, friendly and compassionate
Coordinator:  Joan Figlozzi (301) 464-0082

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Recognizing that baptism calls us all to mission, individuals, families and the entire parish will respond by educating ourselves in Catholic social teaching, by reaching out in service and by working for a more just and peaceful world through advocacy and solidarity with the poor and powerless.

Duties:  Assist in meeting temporary needs of parishioners during times of illness or death, such as providing rides to church or doctor’s appointments, providing meals, etc.
Time:  Varies
Special Skills:  Dependable and compassionate
Coordinator:  John Bagwell  (240) 508-0275

Duties:  Organize and distribute clothing and small household items to those in need
Time:  One day a week (Monday through Friday) 9:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.
Special Skills:  Reliable and organized
Coordinator:  Janet Braswell (301) 805-0879

Duties:  Coordinate parish efforts to promote the Gospel of Life (Walk for Life, parish pro-life literature/resources, speakers, etc.)
Time:  Varies
Special Skills: I nterest in promoting the pro-life efforts of the Catholic Church at the parish level
Coordinator: Joan O’Reilly (301) 262-0580 

S.O.M.E. (SO OTHERS MIGHT EAT)  (youth and adults)
Duties:  Join approximately 100 parish families in food preparation and/or serving lunch to the needy in  Washington, D.C.
Time:  Every first Friday, local drop off of food at parish by 9 a.m.; those serving food (about 10 people) leave together at 10 a.m. and return by 1:30 p.m.
Special Skills:  Preparation of casseroles, brownies (other food is purchased)
Coordinator:  Marilyn Reilly (410) 721-0801

ST. ANTHONY’S BREAD (youth, adult drivers)
Duties:  Make sandwiches on the Friday evening before the first Sunday of the month; Teens/adults deliver food in Washington D.C. on Saturday morning
Special Skills:  Dedicated, reliable, able to drive large passenger van (adult)
  Shawn Fitzmaurice (301) 805-1977
  Diana Fitzmaurice (301) 805-1977

WARM NIGHTS (youth and adults)
Duties:  Parishioners working together for one week providing a safe and warm environment to those without a home in conjunction with Community Crisis, Inc.
Time:  1 week in the winter
Special Skills:  Reliable
  Mary Anne Montague  (301) 262-1799
  Janet Braswell (301)805-0879

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