Parish History - The Rectory

The The Rectory  - click to view largerRectory was destroyed by the fire of 1853, which seems to have begun in the Rectory and moved to the Novitiate and then to the Chapel. Restoration began in 1853. Construction of the brick addition to the front part of the rectory (present Rectory) began in 1885 and was completed in 1888. The wooden rectory, prior to the renovation, was comprised of two rooms on the first floor, the one on the south for the kitchen with a fireplace and the one on the north for the refectory (dining room), also with a fireplace. Above these two rooms were two small rooms with a hallway leading to a covered back stairs, with a step up into a second floor hallway in the brick front section. A sloping roof that dropped from front to back about 7 1/2 feet to 6 feet covered the rooms in the back. The front of the building with its mansard roof was added in the fashion of the "telescope" houses of the period. The ceilings of the rooms are 9 1/2 feet high. The present dining room was a small "domestic" chapel, used during cold weather, since heating the larger chapel was expensive and entailed a very early rising to get the system going.

The "Old Rectory" attached to the rear of the present Rectory was taken down in 1979 after a structural engineering survey indicated that it couldn't be saved except at great expense. The beams of the old house were very sturdy, hand crafted and shaped with an adz and held together with wooden pegs. In the newer church, Carl Jaindl, a local cabinetmaker, fashioned a cross from two of the beams for the main Altar and used other wood from the rectory for the Altar of Reposition. Under Monsignor John F. Hogan the remaining brick rectory was restored and remodeled and an addition to replace the wooden rectory was built.

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